Five main rules for happy life

1. Put god in first place

As a creation of god, we have to always keep in mind that we are sent to this world to do only the good deeds not the bad. Our every movement in life should be synchronized with the remembrance of god. No matter whatever happens in life we can find peace in the remembrance of god.

2. Eat healthy food

I have recently read a book called “Ikigai” which completely talks about the best ways to be happy in life. In that book, it mainly talks about the secret of Japanese people’s longevity life and their happiest journey. The main secret which they insist on is to eat right and healthy. It says, in our diet, we have to add more fruits and vegetables. And we have to be very sensible about the consumption of oil and sugar in our daily diet. Overeating and unhealthy eating can cause a lot of problems for your body and which will not allow you to be active and stay fit. I can suggest a bowl of cut fruits and fresh vegetables per day lead a healthy life.

3. Count your blessings

Whenever I feel down, I would count on things I have that millions of people in the world dream for. It can be anything like health, food, shelter, family, vacation and wealth, etc. All of us are human beings and we might get jealous of someone who has more than us. At that time, we have to realize that we are living a life that is still a dream for countless people in the whole world.

4. Set your goals

We can’t find the path properly if we don’t know the destination. Likewise, we should set a lifetime goal for us. We can’t achieve everything all of a sudden for sure. But you can define the short term goal to reach the final place. This will help us to be free from the distractions that come in our way to spoil us and we can lead a happy life.

5. Be a minimalist

In this materialistic life, we all chase for the things which we are attracted to. Especially you have to be very sensible about the needs and wants. Always have a list with you before you go shopping. Otherwise, you will end up buying unwanted kind of stuffs you will regret later. In this way, you can save more money to effort the things you will need in the future and you will feel happy and proud of that.

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