Why you should visit Sembuwatte Lake (Matale)?

Sembuwatte lake on a rainy day

Have you planned to discover a place that is magical and pleasant to your eyes?. Stop thinking much-visit Sri Lanka’s Sembuwatte- Lake Matale. This experience will definitely give you a fresh you through accomplishing with the mother nature.

The beautiful view from the vehicle with raindrops.

It is located at Elkaduwa in the Matale district in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is one of the beautiful countries in the world which is blessed with admirable natural beauty. In that list, Sembuwatte is the must visit place where you can lose yourself with the calm and beautiful lake surrounded by pine trees, beautiful mountains, and a natural swimming pool.

It is trusted to be a man-made lake created from natural spring water. It is situated around 20km away from the city. To reach the sembuwatte estate, there will be a rough one-hour riding from Kandy. There are many little cottage to sit with a family and friends to enjoy the view. An important thing to be noted that you should bring your own food as you will not find a shop to buy.

It’s worth going through the tough pathway to enjoy the board ride with the beautiful scenery.

Please watch and enjoy the video of our journey to Sembuwatte that is an unforgettable one.

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