The book for life ”Ikigai”

Recently I read a book, which extremely amazed me with its magical words and contents. “Ikigai” is a Japanese book that narrates the story of long living secrets of Japanese people.

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The ikigai. (

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Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life

I always wonder the happiest and long living people about how they achieve their goals; how they direct their life easily while other people thinks this life is so hard.

According to the book statement ment, it’s all about the slow living process. We have to enjoy each and every moment of life. It’s about enjoying the journey not the destination. Now we will discuss some main points for a long-living and happy life from Japanese “ikigai”.

1. Stay Active, don’t retair

Ordinary people mindset always is to finish any work quickly and get rest for the whole day. But according to “Ikigai”, we are not here to rest. Until die we have to work at some points. It does mean that we have to burden ourselves, we can do something at any point which makes us active. For example, after we retire from work, we can start to work on our organic vegetable garden or whatever makes us happy and movable.

As per my knowledge, I find most of the Japanese people on TV or the Internet as farmers after they retire from work. They just don’t sit in one place after retirement. They try to do something which makes them happy and healthy at the same time.

2. Take it slow

Walk slowly, you will go far. We just take an analogy where the rabbit runs fast and lives shorter. But the tortoise walks slowly but lives up to 100 years. It’s nothing but when we go deep into every moment of life, every moment last longer for you and you enjoy that time and it’s called slow living.

What the book suggests is to make more attention and concentration to the works you are doing and go deep into that. By doing this you enjoy that task and you will do it properly with all the happiness and joy.

3. Don’t fill your stomach

When it comes to eating, lesser the eating is longer the life is. The meal must be taken only until the hunger is gone. Most of the disease in the world is due to the overeating and stuffing the stomach. So eat only to feed your hunger. Don’t eat just because you have so much to eat. Japanese people always make their meal varieties which are called “rainbow”. The lunch plate of them would be with many small bowls which will contain a small portion of everything like fish, veggies, and fruits. So they make sure they are having whole nutrition to stay healthy.

Varieties of meal serving Japanese tradition. (

4. Surround your self with good friends

Good people always create good vibes. So we have to be aware of the people we are surrounded with. There can be toxic people around you whom you feel not good or comfortable with. So avoid them and fill up your beautiful spaces with good friends and family members. They will be there for you at your good and bad.

5. Reconnect with nature

Most of the people who live in the city are supposed to be disconnected from nature. They don’t have a chance to feel the refreshing green plants, sea, and air. As a human being, your soul needs refreshment in a way that you can visit somewhere you feel a natural beauty.

Jumeirah beach 🏖

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Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life


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