The Courtyard Dubai, One of the Magical places in Dubai!

Yes, it’s going to be another blog regarding one of the glorious places in Dubai, the Courtyard at Al Quoz. It’s going to be amazing for those who love plants and nature with magical music.

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We as a couple always want to explore a new place that will feed us with good memories and love. So here we go!

If you love a good back street surrounded by pretty interior design, small shops, plants, coffee shops, and varieties of potential spots for Instagram pics, the courtyard at Al Quoz is the one you are looking for.

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Tribe Dubai

The most popular shopping spot you can find in Courtyard is Tribe Dubai.

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This is such an eye-catching shop spot and we can find some ethical, handwoven, and sustainable items home decor items for a good price.

What I love about the items they sell are very eco-friendly and reusable. The flowers they sell are damn pretty!. If you are an Instagram person and a photographer you will understand the beauty of those flowers!

Purchase your favorite vintage mugs below!

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