Must Travel Place in Al Ain – The Al Ain Oasis

Hi Guys! It is my pleasure to meet you all in another blog related to an amazing place I have visited during this Ramadhan holiday.

The oasis running water 💦 which is magical here

We went to Al Ain, the green city in UAE filled with greenery to check out the sparkling spot called Al Ain Oasis.

Al-Ain oasis is covering over 1,200-hectares and the oasis is located in the middle of Al Ain city and is the largest of Al Ain’s oases. When you are inside this place, you will feel like you are already in a village and having some fresh air surrounded by tons of trees.

Date palms everywhere

Farmers tend over 147,000 date palms of 100 different varieties, as well as fodder crops and fruit trees such as mango, orange, banana, fig and jujube (known locally as sidr). Individual plots are separated from each other by historic boundary walls.

Here to explore the entire area, there are three options for us according to our convenience.

1. Twin bicycle ride – which is more fun and two persons can ride the bike once and slowly enjoy and drooling through entire area. Specially for couples

2. Cart ride – This is more fun for those who are coming here with family. In the journey, they will drop for 15 minutes at one place to watch around and for photographs.

3. Walking is more fun when you go to this place with friends. You can slowly chat and walk through and explore the whole oasis beautifully.

Check out our Instagram page for more photographs.

I hope you all enjoyed this little blog!

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