Make Time by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky

Make Tim by Knapp and John Zeraysky

Hi people! In real life have you all thought about how busy we are?. A lot. If you ask this question to any one the answer is yes. They have stuck with the word busy and lost their inner peace and happiness.

In this book, the author has narrated the story of two people who helped to develop some of the biggest distractions in our life, Gmail & YouTube. The main idea given to escape from busyness is to avoid Busy Bandwagon and Infinity Pools.

What is a Busy Bandwagon?. This is a pressure to do more and more to increase productivity. The Infinity pool is something that sucks up a huge amount of your time just because we are refreshing it every time like emails, Facebook, Instagram, and new sites.

Time should be allocated for major parts like Highlight, Laser, Reflect, and Energize. All the distractions have to be taken care and we should learn to avoid all that to be focused and attentive to the current work we are doing. Make the plan each day. Wake up every morning and take your journal while you are in bed and write what most important task you have to finish that day. Only focus on that. Only that the one which is most prioritized.

HighlightStart each day by choosing a focal point

Every day you have to make time to decide what you have to make time for. This just takes about 30-45 minutes or lesser than that to accomplish all the priority list. This should be something that you necessarily need to do but want to do. There are many methods mentioned to choose your focal point, how to find them out?. We have to make sure each day included some times to highlight our tasks. Start simply. Logging out from the social media app and shcedule a time to check all your email in the inbox.

LaserBeat distractions to make time for your highlights

The second section talks about how to avoid distractions and be focused and task-oriented on a particular task we have highlighted for a day. Setting up barriers to reach out to all the distractive apps in your phone and apps-free mobile. This book shows how to adjust our technology so that we can reach laser mode.

EnergizeUse the body to recharge the brain

By taking the life of a caveman called Urk as an example, the author would like to compare the lifestyle of early humanity and modern humanity. In order to be focused on what matters the brain has to be energized. If the brain has to be energised, the body needs energy. So taking simple steps to increase your body health is important.

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Make Time: How to Focus on What Matters Every Day

Reflect- Adjust and improve your system

After trying all the tactics, you have to define what all have you done before going to bed. Were you able to finish the highlight today?. What are tactics that work for you?. Did you enjoy the process and what made you joy?. Is there anything that has to be added or any improvement needed in that?. Ask questions to yourself. You have the answers in you.

The first half of the book is more engaging with tactics and ideas. The authors opinion is no one is perfect. Perfection is a distraction. He says we have to forget the idea about Perfection when it comes to Make Time.

Honestly, even I was distracted by a lot of things. Since I am working 9-5, lots of schedule and tasks in my mind. I was so confused about what I have to do first. I lost the joy of doing something I want in the journey of searching perfection. Finally this book gave me an idea of choosing only your favorite and priories it. I chose to write this blog last night. So I did it!. Yay!.

Guys, I gave a very simple and basic idea of this book. You can choose a day to read the whole book by adding it in your highlight bucket and try to be a productive person. Not a perfect person.

Until Next Time!

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