How I Won A Competition- Time Out Dubai

Have you ever imagine to dine in a restaurant for 500 AED for Free?. Isn’t that more fun?. Is that possible?. How?. I know you have so many questions in your mind. Let me explain.

How to Enter A Competition?

It is very simple and fun. All you have to do is register your email ID in the Time Out Dubai Website.

After you register your email id. Go to the competition page which will look like this.

In every competition, there will be a short summary about each offer. End of each summary, they ask question from the summary that is multiple choice. Simply select the correct answer and enter it. Likewise there will be two or more competitions every day. When you enter all the competitions, the probability for you to win the competition is high. I used to enter each competition everyday. For me it was like a new experience and got a chance to read about new restaurants, food, small business and entertainment ideas in Dubai. Luckily my persistence payed me off.

Which competition I entered?

They will mention your name as a Winner at the end of the competition.

So the story of Millennium Lounge

After receiving the email from ITP media. We have to be presented at the ITP Media office and collect our voucher.

So here yo go!.

Honestly it was an amazing experience for me and my husband. We had lots of fun.

I hope you all enjoyed this little blog and I wish you all to try for it and write me when you win any of the competitions .I love to hear from you all.

Until Next Time

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