Dubai Aquarium & Under Water Zoo

A miracle inside Dubai Mall consists of a 10 million liter tank that houses for 33000 exotic marine lives,140 species of aquatic animals. It doesn’t fail to amaze the people who live in the city loves to explore the beauty of marine living beings and creations of nature. It doesn’t feel like exploring, it honestly gives the feeling of going into a jungle and sea at the same time. The journey is segmented according to species to impress the audience.

The largest collection of Tiger Sharks in the world has been displayed all over. The 270-degree view takes us into the sea while watching the fish crossing on top of our heads here and there. The 48-meter walk-through tunnel is comfy to take photographs as per the view we need. Shark Dive gives us the golden opportunity to observe the varieties of Sharks and Rays within some inches.

The journey continues to an underwater zoo where the amazing creatures in the river and ocean are displayed for an eye treat. It includes three ecological zones; Rainforest, Rocky Shore, and Living Ocean. When you enter the scene, you can check out the wide range of fish varieties which are colorful, and playful. We can study about each and every type, like which country it is from and what is the environmental condition needed for the survival of each species.

Archerfish, Water Rats, Paddlefish, Cichlids, and many more amazing aquatic animals in 40 individual aquatics are displayed. Monster crocodiles are scary and thrilling to watch over the glasses. Night creatures have been displayed in a dark area with scary sounds. Bats, lizards, snakes, owls, frogs, and so on.

Dubai Aquarium and Under Water Zoo

Dubai Aquarium and under water zoo is a must visit place when yo live in Dubai. You can book your tickets online or on the spot as per your convenience. You can save some dirhams while you order online by using promo code as a first time booking.

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