The Farm Al Barari- The Most Wilderness Place in Dubai

This moment I wanted to pinch myself to realise it isn’t all a dream. Yeah, Middle East has the heavenly beauty of nature with an incredible Dine in expereince. Most of the residents’ favourite Healthy Eating Restaurant! The Farm Al Barari! The most wilderness place in the city!.

This is the best place to escape from the heat and feel the oasis of calm with botanical garden set up. Their philosophy is to serve high quality healthy food along with the relaxed and undisturbed environment. To reach the restaurant, there would be a 2.5 km drive which passes the eco -conscious development with beautiful themed garden, naturally landscaped lakes and freshwater streams.

Feel- Breath- Live is the main concept of this development as the word “Barari” means wilderness in Arabic. The area covers 15.3 million-square-foot development is made full off trees, shurb, oasis, stream and ponds. It completely gives the feeling of entering in to a wild life which has comfy shelters in it.

The dine-in arrangements are incredible in the restaurant with a glass view filled with an oasis and a green garden. We have to make a pre-booking through their website for the perfect spot to be seated. Free parking is provided. No, fail to entertain the kids as well. Yeah! the playing area is available with the seating arrangement for moms simultaneously they can have a cup of tea, chat and enjoy watching their kids playing around. Very relaxing!.

A stress buster for working residences in Dubai to pluck their cobweb thinking out of inner mind. The food is more into Thai style, healthy and yummy. They have awarded with Kidsapp in 2019 for the best Family Friendly Eatery.

Until Next Time!

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