How To Stop Worrying And Start Living by Dale Carnegie – Book Summary

Hi Readers!. No matter how famous and successful we are, if we are worrying about something always in our life, we will be tied up with stress, depression, and anxiety and it will affect us mentally and physically.

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How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

If we fall under the enemy called stress, we cannot cherish our lives even if the world is brought under us. The great noble prize winner Alexis Carrel has said that if a human cannot fight with his sorrows and problems and come to normal in his life, he would die quickly. One of the chief physicians has declared that if 70% of the patients who go to the doctor can erase the fear and sorrow of them they can cure their disease themselves. Isn’t that Magic!.

In one research, 15000 patients had a stomach disorder. After checking all of them, for 4 out of 5 patients, there was no physical reason for the stomach disorder. The real reason behind the stomach disorder was their fear, worry, hate, and selfishness. Most of the famous physicians in the world revealed the truth behind the diseases like stomach ulcers, heart problems, all types of headaches, insomnia the sleeping disorder, and some types of paralysis are worrying too much. After haring all these, we would have come to know that being sad is how dangerous for our health and life.

The author teaches us a magic formula to solve this problem. Once Mr. Gary was an Engineer, he got a project to install a gas cleaning device in a factory. The company spent tons of money on that project. But the machine was not that successful as Gary promised. So he has to take the responsibility for the losses. He was sleepless by thinking of this failure for days. But he used his common sense to think that nothing is going to happen by thinking all this and being sad about it. So he decided to stop worrying and made some rules for himself.

The first step is analyzing what is the worst thing going to happen because of this failure. He thought honestly without fear and sorrow. For this problem, Gary is not going to be hanged or put in jail. One thing he will lose is his name in the market. In the second step, he decided to accept the worst-case mentally. Whatever happened happened. What he can do to avoid this in the future?. So he told his employees that it was just an experiment for the machine that’s why we lose 20 million dollars. We can work hard and get back our company’s name very soon.

Step number three is to think about how to improve the situation. So after so many tests for the machine, Gary decided to invest 5000 dollars in the machine for tuning. So it worked very well and 20 million dollar loss turns to 15 million dollars profit. So Gary was happy with his decision not to worry about what happened in the past but to improve the situation by using the three steps as discussed.

If we accept the worst case, our brain will be trained not to worry about the rubbish destructions and thought and it will automatically search for the ways it can improve the situation. Unless we accept the worst situation, we will be in trouble without finding the right way to move.

Another great example in this book we can talk about is, A person called Dan who has got a deadly stomach ulcer and the doctors said there is no medicine for your problem and we cant cure this. So he was so upset and decided that he has limited time in life and he wanted to enjoy every moment in his hand. Dan has the dream of a world tour before he dies. He booked a ship to make it happen and the doctors warned him that ” if you go on the trip you cant come back they will throw your body into the sea”. He didn’t fear of this and came with an idea that to take a mortuary box with him on the trip. He handed over the box to the trip organizers and signed an agreement to bring his body back through this box.

After all this, he just forgot all the things in his mind and enjoyed the trip very much. He ate what he liked; played games; formed so many friends; awake the whole night and enjoyed happily. There was a thunderstorm in the ship’s journey but he wasn’t fear about all that. His main intention was to be happy and enjoy the trip fully.

When he came back from the journey his weight increased by 40kgs. He forgot that he got a stomach ulcer and surprisingly his body was free of the ulcer. After that, he enjoyed a healthy life. He also used the three-step technique like Gary and accepted the worst situation and gave a solution and finally saved his life.

We have to remind ourselves of one thing first. We all are already rich as we have a valuable thing with us. What are they?. Our health, body, and time. Without this knowledge, we are running after materials and spoiling our health. It does not mean that you don’t try to be successful. But you don’t have to spoil your health for being successful. You cant enjoy success if your health is not supporting you to do so. Do not be sad about what we don’t have, instead think about what we can do with what we have and be happy always.

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How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

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