Must Try Biriyani Restaurant in Dubai-Jaffer Bhai’s Al Karama- The Biriyani King of Mumbai

Are you a person who gets emotional and tempted when somebody says the word “Biriyani”?. I am. Everyone loves Biriyani regardless of which country we come from. The aromatic taste and the color of the dish attract us mostly to taste and satisfy our soul. Let us talk about the people’s favorite biriyani restaurants in UAE.

Jaffer Bhai’s Al Karama- The Biriyani King of Mumbai


They have been awarded UAE’s No#1 Biriyani Restaurant. Jaffer Bai has a philosophy to be a perfectionist in preparing the best Biriyani from start till end. By identifying the right ingredients, the Biriyani has its authentic taste and premium quality.

Price per head ——-> 73 AED Average, but worth trying

Cuisines ——–> Indian & Chinese

Ambience —–> Medium level, Suits for family or friends gathering

Special Diets ——–> Vegetarian friendly, Halal

Service & Hospitality ——–> 4stars

Especially the rich concoctions are full of the flavors of Saffron, Ghee, and caramelized onions. The authentic flavors of their restaurant have won them a massive fan. I loved the pickle they served, it feels homemade and goes well with the Biriyani. If you are visiting for the first time try out their signature dish. The succulent pieces of mutton on grained premium rice and potatoes. Given a traditional Dum over a wood fire with a very mild flavor of spices in the long-run history of Jaffer Bhai.

Credits- Jaffer Bhai’s Face Book

Opening Hours: 11.30am to 12.30 am

Available for delivery on Talabat, Zomato and Deliveroo.

You can book your reservation in:

Al Barsha Branch- +971 45474618

Al Karama Branch- +971 43426467

If you visit and try please tell me your reviews in the comment section.

Until Next Time!

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