Another Reason to Love Sharjah-Explore Sharjah: Wadi Shees & Rafisah Dam

An enchantress place is hidden in Sharjah which should be stopped by nature lovers who are sick of the city life in a long run and need a tiny break and a moody environment. Wadi Shees & Rafisah Dam are the two top rated tourist attractions to escape from the summer heat.

Wadi Shees (Masafi)- Nature preserve in Khor Fakan

The place is located on the East Coast of UAE, surrounded by the enormous Hajar mountain which looks more adventurous . Visitors are welcomed here with the beautifully designed park which spans over 11,300 sqm. Rocky pathways allow us to do small walks and enjoy the beautiful weather and a reasonable amount of water flow.

Facilities —-> Children’s Play area, Dedicated BBQ bits, Shaded benches, Artificial water fall, fresh drinking water & Free Entry fee

How to get there—-> A 4×4 car is recommended. Wadi Shees is approximately 22 km south-west of Khor Fakkan, via Rugaylat Road – E99. Drive through the Omani territory of Madha, and through Nahwa which belongs to Sharjah.

Suitable place to visit in the summer as the humidity is less comparatively due to the mountain and the height and a refreshing bath can be taken from a hot day of a trip. The nature trail will only take around one hour to complete. The view here has the similar nature of Al Ain Oasis. While walking through the trails, we can see some houses there feels like somebody living there which is very nice and we will go though a lot of greenery with running water.

Wadi Shees Falaj System

This is the system engineered to distribute the fresh water by gravity from the mountain for many purpose like drinking, cleaning, recreation and irrigation. The water system is design in away that to collect the fresh rain fall in the underground wells and in mountain tops which goes to the houses where the society living around and the lands with farms.

The Falaj system is very smart because it deposits and saves quite a lot of water from the rain fall and constantly supplying the fresh water throughout the summer.

Al Rafisah Dam

The Rafisah dam is located in the return journey from Wadi Shees which has caught a massive crowd’s attraction with its location and beauty . 1980’s built dam is surrounded by resting areas, restaurants, children play area and even grocery shops.

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A huge dedicated area is allocated for free parking which feels more convenience. One thing I feel it as special in here is the musical wind which allows the water, tree and flowers to dance in smile which is more refreshing and it takes us completely to another dream spot.

Watch the video of the water fall with music! Mind blowing!

I really loved the set up here which is simple and completely gives the feeling of nature. The new road has made the journey to Rafisah Dam more easy and it allows and attracts more people to come and enjoy there. The tiny artificial water fall here catches our eyes with its beauty and the music of falling water which is next level joy to hear and see.

Dine in Experience near Rafisah Dam

Al Saad Ice Cream Shop

Famous for varieties of ice cream in Rafisah Dam and serves in different flavors, shapes and even with lots of toppings which looks beauty on Instagram images. The Italian style ice cream shop attracts the visitors even more with its interior designs and colorfulness. Have a taste little Italy!.

The ice cream shop faces the Hajr mountain which looks stunning in the summer and no words for explaining in the winter and a rainy day.

Watch the video for the view of the mountain from the ice cream shop

Al Rafisha Lounge & Café

The restaurant facing the dam with the huge seating and table arrangements. This family friendly restaurant serves varieties of delicious food with the breathtaking view. They serves especially Indian & Arabic food for reasonable price.

Until Next Time!

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