How to Wake up 5 AM Everyday?.

How to wake up 5 AM.

How many of us thought of waking up early in the morning when you go to bed and pressing the snooze button in the alarm everyday. But at the same moment the world famous business men, athletes, entrepreneurs are improving their condition of mind, heart and soul by following some specific habits. Dwayne Johnson, the founder of virgin group Richard Branson and the great America’s ex president Barack Obama all have been following up four main habits strictly.

If you wake up 5 am everyday and follow those four habits mentioned in this book, you will become one of the successful personalities in the world.

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1. Use 20/20/20 Fomula

When you wake up early in the morning, your mind will ask “what are you going to do by waking this early”. Am I true?. So lets follow a special routine 5am- 6am. Robin Sharma has called this special routine as ” Victory Hour”. This victory hour is divided into three parts. Each part consumes 20 minutes. 5am-5.20am we have to do a high intensity exercise which should make you sweat. The reason is to increase your energy and focus to a higher level. Scientifically, when we do exercise, our brain will release the chemical called BDNF (Brained Derived Neurotrophic Factor). Research says that if the BDFN is released in the brain, our stress level comes down and the connection between neurotropic in the brain becomes stronger and our focus and thinking ability will increase. So basically while our competitors are sleeping, we are processing some strong connections in our brain.

5.20am-5.40 am is allocated to reflect. Analyze our life bigger goals. Think about weather the actions we take in our life will be helpful to achieve our goals or not. If we are not taking the actions correctly, how to modify our actions?. Robin Sharma prefer to take a note and do journaling. Write down your goals and tasks which has to be completed today to achieve that goals in a note. We can do a meditation at that time to get the clarity for what we wish to do in our life.

Next the third part from 5:40- 6:00 AM is allocated to Grow up. Means we have to improve your knowledge in the area we expertise by reading books or gathering information and knowledge. Our ultimate aim is to study new things by reading or listening informative content.

If you follow this 20/20/20 rule for one year strictly, you will be completed with 122 hours exercise; 122 hours you have followed your life goals; 122 hours you have learnt new things. Most of the Millionaires have followed this rule to become successful.

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2. Twin Cycle of Elite Performers

We all know that if we work more our result will increase. But Robin Sharma says, when we analyze the top performers, their work and rest ratio will be the same. He says, our growth not only increases while we work but also when we take rest. Lets take a farmer for example. In one season he would have to do his hard work by making the weeds cleared and ploughing the field by buffaloes and tractors. But he can be relax for the rest of the other season when the paddy will start growing and the enhancement happening.

So the author says, the rest is a must as equal as the work we do. The efficiency will increase in our work in such a way that if we take required amount of rest for our body and soul. One research says, our life time is influence by the quality of sleep. To get a better sleep routine, we have to switch off all of our electronic devices before one our of going to bed. These devices will emit blue lights which will affect our Harmone called Melotonin, the sleep hormone. So one hour before you sleep, spend some times with your family or read a good book.

3. The 4 Interior Empires

To be happy and productive in life, we have to distribute our time in 4 things. Mind set, heart set, health set and soul set. These are called by the author as 4 interior expires. Most of the motivational speakers teaches about the mindset improvement. But it will give only the 25% of happiness to us. The second empire is connected with our emotional life.

Though our mindset is good and if we have problem with our social life like friends and family, it will not allow us to take better decisions. So we have to be happy in our social life also. In Health set, if our health is not good, no matter how much we earn and being wealthy, we will not be able to enjoy all of that. So we have to take more care on our health to live a better life and being an example to our future generation.

Finally even if our mindset, heart set, health set is fixed fully, if we are running behind money and material in the world, we will feel incomplete. Robin Sharma is requesting us to do meditation to overcome that emptiness. So get connected to our creator and increase our spiritual satisfaction to our soul.

4. Habit Installation Protocol

As per the author, it will take 66 days minimum to form a habit. We have to cross three stages to install a habit in our mind. First stage is distraction stage. In this stage we try to eliminate our old habits and bring the new habits to dominate for first three weeks. This is the toughest stage and we will have to use our willpower.

Phase two is installation phase. This phase also will take 3 weeks approximately. This phase will be too tough than the first one. We have come to this stage by passing the first stage successfully but we will feel angry because we could not see any improvement. We will feel like quitting at this stage. But we have to stay in the cause to get to the next level.

The phase three is called integration phase. It will happen in the last three weeks. We will feel very easy to follow the habits in this stage. We will not need any will power now. We will wake up 5 AM without an alarm now. We will start enjoying this process because it became our daily habit. Now we are one of the 5 AM club members!.

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