6 Hidden Gems of UAE to Visit this Time.

These days everybody is looking for different places and spots to visit unlikely the typical places where everybody goes. So for those mindsets, we have come up with the top list of some of the places called a hidden gem in UAE which means not famous yet, but getting tourist attractions and becoming famous.

1. Nad Al Sheiba Mini Forest Trail

Nad Al Sheba

A million-dollar tourist spot that is becoming an attraction to a massive crowd recently. A nature trail that holds the beauty and shadow of trees that has grown up to the sky means completely gloom. Suits for family gatherings and kids friendly. Kids will be entertained with the free horse ride. A good place to escape from the city and spend some time with nature.

2. UAE Flower Farm

UAE Flower Farm

It is located in Fujairah, in Wadi Asimah, off the Masafi-Dibba (E89) highway. You can spend your time there by walking through the farm and enjoy the beauty and colors of varieties of flowers. You can even pick the flowers you like and purchase in this farm. Entry fee will be 15 Dhs per person. Open everyday from 7-11 am and from 2-6 pm.

3. Ruwais Beach Abu Dhabi- Camping Spot

Ruwais Beach Abu Dhabi

An interesting place for camping freaks with a beach view. You cant see the seawater in the nighttime and when you wake up in the morning the water level comes towards your tent which is an amazing view. Make sure to bring your warm wears as the temperature here is very much down specially in the night time.

4. Beekeepers Association – Bee Garden

Beekeepers Association UAE

A nonprofit organization located in a sustainable city will be completely a thrilling activity-based entertainment for kids and adults. They are providing fun ways to learn about the importance of Honey bees. Lip balm-making activity also there which will be more fun to do.

5. Dubai Camel Race Club

Dubai Camel Race Club

No matter how long you live in UAE, it will be always more exciting to see camel, which is God’s wonderful creature. The picture is not exactly in the racing club, we roam around near by areas where you can find mini camel farms. You can enjoy feeding them and play around. Kids will be more happy to check out this place.

6. A Board ride near Khorfakkan Waterfalls

Khorfakkan Waterfalls

You can find this place right opposite Khorfakkan Waterfalls which is also a beautiful place to explore in UAE. 20dhs per person for a board ride from edge to edge.

Until Next Time

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