Best Coffee Shops to try this time in Dubai

Are you a caffeine person who thinks about coffee all the time no matter what the situation is?. So are you a person who falls for the beautiful latte art coffee and its taste?. Stress relief, workload relief, emotions, being active all happen because of coffee for most of the crowd in the world. Let’s check out some cafes in Dubai that sell the best coffee.

Best Coffee in Dubai
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1. % Arabica Dubai Mall Fountains

% Arabica Coffee
// Credits to % Arabica

A concept originated from Japanese Coffee gives the best quality tasty coffee of your choice.

Google review: 4.4/5 (778 Google review)

//Location: Bauhaus – First Floor, Between Apple Store and – Dubai

2. Caribou Coffee

Caribou  Coffee
// Credits to

They sell in varieties with aromatic authentic flavor which leaves excitement for your tastebuds. The Coffee shops of them are a very relaxing place where you can sip your coffee and have chat with your friends for a long time as the staffs are very supportive.

Google review: 4.3/5 (1342 Google reviews)

// Location -Ground Floor, Al Wafa Tower, Next to Dubai Islamic Bank – Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai

3. The Coffee Lab – Specialty Coffee Roasters

The Coffee lab- Speciality coffee roasters
// credits to

It is a super cool spot to have a Spanish latte with beautiful art on top of it. You can sit outdoor for breathing and watch the beautiful Marina view with Yacht!. A must-visit place for a coffee freak.

Google review- 4.6/5 (1084 google reviews)

//Location – B02, Marina Views – Dubai

4. Stomping Grounds

Stomping Grounds
// credits to

We would say magic in a mug. The taste and the quality of the coffee are very high. They have a wide range of breakfast options and the oat latte in here is delicious.

Google review- 4.4/5 (1615 Google reviews)

//Location- Villa #98, 12D Street (Corner – 1 51st St – Dubai

5. RAW Coffee Company

Raw Coffee Company
// Credits to Arab News

This is a New Zealand-type coffee shop that also has better options for brunch and breakfast. They sell coffee with varieties of coffee beans with different tastes.

Google review- 4.5/5 (1583 reviews)

// Location – Warehouse Next to RTA Carpark WH10, Cnr 7A and 4A Street – Dubai

6. The Sum of Us

The Sum of Us
// credits to anexpatabroad

Google review – 4.3/5 (1693 Google reviews)

// Location – Ground Floor, Burj Al Salam, 6th Street، Trade Centre – Dubai

Until Next Time!

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