Organic Farm Shop to Visit in Abu Dhabi

Mazara Organic Farm Shop – Abu Dhabi

Organics farms are always the best places to explore and it gives the beautiful experience of living with nature. Mazara Organic Farm shop is becoming very famous in Bahyah, Abu Dhabi for getting organic fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, and much more. It always feels awesome to pick your own vegetables from the garden for your cooking purpose. So they provide us the opportunity to pick vegetables from Mazara farm garden and we can buy it as per the weight we are picking.

When you enter the farm they have beautiful seating arrangements surrounded by trees, sunflowers, and bushes and full of green. next to that, the shop is filled with organic vegetables, honey, spices, and dairy products. The entry ticket will be 25 Dhs per person and the prices of the products are reasonable and it is always worth enough to purchase fresh organic products.

I found a beautiful corner in their shop with little plants in beautiful ceramic pots. It gives the idea for us how we can also plant them and make a small garden at our home to feel natural and being with nature. All the vegetables are displayed very beautifully with the cart set up which makes it more like a village.

There is a coffee shop attached to this farm for refreshment for the visitors. The ambiance and the outdoor seating arrangement of the coffee shop are breathtaking and look more beautiful. Rather than explaining in words, I will be sharing the picture down. They have varieties of latte, espresso and cupcakes, and sweets. The best place to have an evening coffee with your loved once.

// credits to anexpatabroad

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