Another Reason to Love Sharjah-Explore Sharjah: Wadi Shees & Rafisah Dam

An enchantress place is hidden in Sharjah which should be stopped by nature lovers who are sick of the city life in a long run and need a tiny break and a moody environment. Wadi Shees & Rafisah Dam are the two top rated tourist attractions to escape from the summer heat. Wadi Shees (Masafi)- … More

How To Stop Worrying And Start Living by Dale Carnegie – Book Summary

Hi Readers!. No matter how famous and successful we are, if we are worrying about something always in our life, we will be tied up with stress, depression, and anxiety and it will affect us mentally and physically. Grab Your Book on Amazon now! with 50% off! How to Stop Worrying and Start Living If … More

The Farm Al Barari- The Most Wilderness Place in Dubai

This moment I wanted to pinch myself to realise it isn’t all a dream. Yeah, Middle East has the heavenly beauty of nature with an incredible Dine in expereince. Most of the residents’ favourite Healthy Eating Restaurant! The Farm Al Barari! The most wilderness place in the city!. This is the best place to escape … More


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